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Pregnancy Attunement Service

Today, many women are not fully connected with their pregnancy. Most of this is due to lack of education, preparation, and participation when it comes to their care. That's why my focus is on providing attunement services to help women get connected to themselves and to their baby, both physically and emotionally. Through our services, we equip women with the necessary tools to be more involved in their own care and well-being. We strive to enhance your pregnancy journey by providing emotional and spiritual support during each stage.

Seaside Prenatal Yoga

About The Service

Please note that this service is not made to replace care with your provider. This service does not come with birth support either and may be used in combination with support from a Doula if you so choose. 

Pregnancy attunement service offers pregnant women the opportunity to participate in their own care. We can provide basic services at the office such as ultrasound where your partner and other children can participate, blood pressure and understanding your baseline, urinalysis and what it means, belly mapping to learn your baby's position in the womb, listening to your baby's heart rate, and more. We will discuss things like your overall well-being. Nutrition. Common pregnancy complaints and resolutions. Stress management. Birth preparation. And more. 

You can also take advantage of meditation and sound sessions with breathing exercises and crystal work for your spiritual health. 

You will enjoy 2 in-person prenatal sessions up to 3 hours each, plus a virtual postpartum check-in. Nourishing meals will be offered during your sessions. 

When To Book

There is no wrong time to take advantage of this service. Your sessions will be spread out based on your booking date in relation to your due date. 

The earlier you book the service, the earlier you can have your first session and equip yourself with helpful tools and information to carry you into the later part of your pregnancy. 

The cost for this service is $1,500.00

$500 booking retainer is required

Pay plans are available

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