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Ultrasound Service

Sometimes it can take a few weeks to be seen be a provider to confirm your pregnancy. Then it may take a few weeks after that to get scheduled for an ultrasound. This time can be quite stressful for some parents. We also know that early scans can help prevent complications from issues such as ectopic pregnancy or having a pregnancy that is farther along that you realized. 

Some people may be having a home birth and want to confirm the position of their baby visually. 

My ultrasound services are limited-diagnostic. I can confirm an intrauterine pregnancy, identify a heartbeat, and estimate your pregnancy gestation. I do not give medical advice relating to fetal size/weight, abnormalities, or fluid levels.

If you are booking to do a gender guess, you may book this at your own risk. Gender guessing is fairly accurate but not guaranteed. You may book this at 16 weeks, but it's best at 18+. If we cannot see the gender at the first visit, you may book your next visit for the cost of travel. Photos from your ultrasound are moved to a flash drive and emailed.

This service is provided on a semi low-quality laptop style machine and done in the comfort of your home. 3D images are not available. 

Please fill in the form below and include what type of ultrasound you are looking for and what City you live in. 

$100 - Includes 30min in-home session, pictures emailed, gift bag with free samples and vouchers for discounts on future services valued at $100+ 

Travel fee of $25 will be applied to services needed more than 20 miles outside of 06708. Travel outside of 40 total miles of 06708 will need to be discussed. 

Service is generally offered M, T, F between 10:30-2:00

Weekend appointments may be available for an additional $25

This is an out of pocket expense. I am not able to accept insurance. 

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