Birth Doula Training

Train with me and become a Certified BAI Birth Doula! My workshops will provide you with the knowledge and skills to run your business, and provide excellent Doula services to those who desire it!

With the option of a weekend retreat or a 12 hour intensive, my workshops are flexible. If I'm not hosting a workshop during a certain time (like my off season in Winter), but you want to train with me; one on one training is available for an additional fee. Just inquire! 

What makes my workshops unique? 

* Students who attend my workshops will learn about the major issue of racial disparities among Black birthers. How to recognize microaggressions against Black birthers. How to provide better care for Black birthers. 

* Students will also have access to my personal "Breastfeeding Crash Course For Doulas"! This is a course that offers a certificate of completion, and helps Birth Doulas to fill the gap with breast/chestfeeding information and support for those who wish to breast/chestfeed. 

* Students who take my weekend workshop will also get to take my Placenta Encapsulation Training, on the final day! 

This means that you get 3 certificates!


                                                   Pay in full $100 off 

                                                Black student $100 off

                             Black student who is paying in full, $200 off

                    Pay plans are available, as listed in the facts above!

Our retreat is being held at this beautiful space in Westbrook, CT! Lodging, breakfasts, and dinners are included. 

Cant' attend a weekend retreat? Register for the 12hr intensive workshop! 

                          Virtual and in person options available! 

12hr in person intensive does not include placenta encapsulation training, but DOES include breastfeeding training. So you will get 2 certificates! 

Date: 10/10/20

Time: 7am - 7pm

Location: 87 Waterbury Rd, Suite 2, Prospect, CT 06712

Cost: $500

There are no pay in full discounts for the 12hr intensive. If you are a Black student, you may use the code Blk to save $100. Pay plans are available as well. Send an email, as listed in the facts to inquire. 

Dates: 9/2, 9/4, 9/7, 9/9, 

Time: 12pm - 3pm est

Location: Zoom

Cost: $400

There are no pay in full discounts for the 12hr virtual class. If you are a Black student, you may use the code 12hr to save $100. Pay plans are available as well. Send an email as listed in the facts to inquire. 

I am accepting 5-10 students for this. Please enroll no later than 8/20!

Students who enroll in this training will get an email with a discount code for the following:

$30 off the $50 price for my Breastfeeding Crash Course for Doulas

$250 off the $300 price for my Online Placenta Encapsulation Course

That's a savings of $280!

***We are taking COVID-19 very seriously. We are only accepting 5 students per retreat. Read workshop facts for more information about how we will be taking precautions***


87 Waterbury Road | Suite 2

Prospect, CT 06712

Serving Waterbury and

surrounding areas

Hours of Operation

Mondays:  12pm-4pm

Wednesdays: 12pm-4pm

Fridays:  12pm-4pm

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