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Birth Stories

Birth is not something that people just go around talking about every day (Unless you're a birth worker lol). I believe that every mom needs the opportunity to share her story. So every 2 weeks (maybe longer depending on how often we get submissions), I will feature a new birth story.

If you would like to share your story, please email Womanschoiceps@gmail.com

Use the subject line "Birth Story". Include permission for us to feature your story, your name, and if you wish, 1-2 photos and your social media info. 

Ashley's Story

Francisco Reyes III born Monday July 28, 2014 at 12:13pm  24weeks gestation, weighing  1 lb 9oz , and almost 12in long

Friday morning woke up with what I thought was just watery discharge and went about my day til after supper when I was ready to shower. I stood up and felt moist, my pantiliner was wet and so were my undies, I showered and dried myself off and was still wet that it dripped down my thigh. So dh said lets just go get it checked out, first the nurse does a swab test and didnt feel the test gave an accurate result so she does a more sensitive test. Results are in I tested positive for amniotic fluids. So I get admitted to the hospital as they said for the remaining of my pregnancy. But my dr ordered a sono and they saw that I was fully dilated and baby was visible down there. So thinking I was ready to deliver they get me ready and they see baby is transverse, by this time its saturday morning and contractions are coming in. Only thing holding baby in is my bag of water that is stuck between my cervix that the dr didn't want to pop cause they wanted to keep me pregnant long enough to get the steroid shots. Keeping me in an upside down position (making it difficult to breathe) all thru saturday and sunday with magnesium and pain meds that helped with the contractions a tad but had to pull thru the pain till monday. On sunday afternoon they had the team once again thinking I was going to deliver cause my heart rate and oxygen was dropping and they feared for baby and I but we pulled thru .Monday came, my family count down the hour as if it was a new years count down. After going in and out of consciousness my hubby made the decision to call it and they prepared everything for my c section. Which was not my original birthing plan nor was the epidural but I did it anyway to have my son safe and sound. Those 96-ish hours of labor I will go through them all again for my lil boy! He is strong and a fighter. Now a happy 5 year old. 

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