Birth Worker Mentorship

$150 or $16.67/month

This program is for beginning birth workers and birth workers in training who are looking for guidance. (More specifically for doulas and placenta specialists)

When I took my trainings, it was like I got dropped off on the side of the road. I attended my workshops and from there, I was on my own. What was next? 


My mentorship program can help you figure out the next steps to get your business off the ground. Sure, there are other professionals who may have more birth work experience to lead new comers. However, my studies (and soon to be certification) in women’s entrepreneurship has helped me to understand different aspects of being a woman, running her own business. 


                                                Register, and get help with:

  • Applying for an EIN - LLC or Sole Proprietorship?

  • Filing business taxes 

  • Choosing a brand name 

  • Creating a logo 

  • Social media accounts 

  • Promoting your brand 

  • Getting clients 

  • Insurance - Do you need it? Where can you get it?

  • Networking 

  • Contract building 

  • Overall guidance to help you with your first clients


This is a 1yr program. There will be homework! The fee for this program will include a series of videos covering the topics above. You will earn a completion certification, just to document your training; nothing more.

You will have the opportunity to schedule 1 meeting per month with me (virtually or in person), up to one hour each; to discuss anything you need help with. 


This program does not guarantee success, client attraction, or bookings. This program was created to help guide you. It is your responsibility to put in the work. 

Mentees who are local, are welcome to come to my office during client prenatals and even attend births when appropriate (This is not a guarantee. This is up to the client and current conditions with COVID). You will also have the opportunity to be part of my community doula program. 

Use the contact form if you would like to utilize the payment plan option (not eligible for the sale price on a pay plan. 

Birth Worker Mentorship

Birth Worker Mentorship

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