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Birth Doula Training

  • 728Days
  • 36Steps


A "Need to Know" training. Learn what you need to know, without unnecessary extras to fluff up your workload. You will never learn everything there is to know from one training. This course will help you get your footing while leaving room to learn more as you grow. Ancestrally and spiritually centered training where doulas learn about their own power in this work. Business focused training that sets doulas up for success from the start. Culturally relevant centering the Black birthing community. *Thanks to feedback received during the soft launch, new content will be added to this course between now and April 1st. While the course is going to undergo some editing, it's great already and I don't want to delay the launch any further. The content being added will further expand your knowledge and will be a great addition to the material. Including some video lectures, more hyperlinks, a section on loss, and more. Students will be notified via email with each new update so that you don't miss it.*

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