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Birth Story Listener

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How many times have you heard "Well as long as you and baby are healthy, that's all that matters"? I'm here to help change that narrative and say, that's NOT all that matters. Sometimes we don't get a healthy mom or baby. Even if we do, grieving the birth experience that we didn't get to have is a real thing. It may be affecting your mental, emotional, and even physical health in ways that some people simply don't understand. When people around you don't understand, it can be a lonely feeling. Sometimes filled with guilt, sadness, and anger. Birth Story Listeners can help families process their feelings and begin their journey to healing. This course is great for those who are working in a field related to birth. Doulas, lactation counselors, etc. However, these certifications are not a requirement to be a Birth Story Listener. This course is great for anyone wanting to learn You'll have 12 months to complete this short course. You'll take some quizzes to evaluate your listening skills and empathy level. You'll read and listen to birth stories and evaluate the stories in the role of a Birth Story Listener. Helpful reading material will be provided. Your only additional expense may be the purchase of 1 bereavement book. This expense may not apply to everyone. The course also offers a very small amount of business information to help you with your service offering. Upon course completion, you will earn a certificate that titles you as a WCPS Birth Story Listener.

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