Free Consultation

Women must feel a sense of comfort and trust with the people who will be present at their birth. Woman's Choice Perinatal Services offers a free consultation to ensure that you and I both feel that we are a match for one another.


Free consultations take place via zoom video meeting. If you think you'd like to move forward, you will be sent an invoice for a non refundable deposit. We will then schedule you for our first office visit. 

Routine Checkup

Labor, Birth & Postpartum

I am officially on call for your labor once you reach 37 weeks gestation. At the onset of labor, I will arrive at your home or meet you at your birthing location. I will remain with you from that point, until one hour postpartum. One follow up visit will take place within 3 weeks post delivery.

Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman


A Montrice performs the duties that a doula would perform WITH the addition of offering clinical skills. A montrice is NOT a doula, and should not be confused with one; as a doula cannot perform clinical skills.

As a Montrice and Patient Care Technician, I am qualified to do things like check your blood pressure, listen to fetal heart tones, check urine or potential fluid leaks, and even check your cervix in labor (at your request and if it might truly benefit your experience only!!!), and more.

As a Montrice I DO NOT take the place of your OB or Midwife! 

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

Three Prenatal Visits

Prior to attending your birth, we will have three visits during your pregnancy where we will discuss what you expect or want from your labor. As well as what you expect from me. Creating birth and postpartum plans. Nutritional guidance. Basic monitoring of you and your baby's well being are offered. We will also have the opportunity to practice pain management and coping exercises. Prenatal appointments at our office is what's included in your package. 

You also receive a voucher for 1 free ultrasound during your pregnancy.

Birthing Centre Room

Bundle Montrice and Placenta Service for $2200

We accept FSA/HSA

We accept payment plans

*Do you need financial assistance? Check out our non profit page*

Late booking fees may apply for clients booking later than 31 weeks

Virtual support is also available, and actually in high demand during the pandemic. Virtual support is still very valuable, as you have a professional available at your fingertips to support you from wherever you are. Book a free consult to inquire.