Intro to Sonography

Are you a birth worker who is interested in studying sonography? 

WCPS has recently completed a sonography program and now offers sonography services to our clients. 

Many birth workers have asked if the investment is worth it. Afraid to dive into a course that may not be for them. 

While we are not yet experts, our Intro to Sonography Workshop can give you an experience like no other! 

                              At our workshop you will

* Learn to identify the cervix, ovaries, follicles, and uterus

* Learn how to identify an early pregnancy

* Learn the basics of performing an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound

* Hands on experience with a simulator and with a real ultrasound machine

Students may do ultrasounds on one another, and we will work to get some of our pregnant clients to volunteer their time for a live pregnancy ultrasound experience (not guaranteed)


44 Waterbury Road | Suite 2D

Prospect, CT 06712

Enter by Casey's Cuts. We are at the top level, to the right, at the end of the hallway.

As of Jan 5th, we will be open every Tuesday and Friday from 11am to 3pm. 

Schedule an appt, walk in, shop online for in store pickup, or call ahead if you like. 

If there is inclement weather, we will not be in the office. 

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