Montrice / Patient Care Service


Will you be giving birth at a hospital or birth center? 
Are you worried about arriving too early? 
Would you like the security of having a professional, evaluate your situation before you head to the birth location?
Would you (and your partner) like an opportunity to be more involved in your prenatal care - like listening to your baby's heartbeat, and measuring your belly? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions, my private care service may be for you! 

A Montrice is most easily described as a Doula-Midwife hybrid. 

A Montrice holds the ability to act a doula WITH clinical skills. 

As a Montrice and Patient Care Technician, I am qualified to do things like check your blood pressure, listen to fetal heart tones, check urine or potential fluid leaks, and even check your cervix in labor (at your request only!!!)

As a Montrice I DO NOT take the place of your OB or Midwife! 

Schedule a FREE 30 minute in person or virtual consult with me, before you book! 


87 Waterbury Road | Suite 2

Prospect, CT 06712

Serving Waterbury and

surrounding areas

Hours of Operation

Mondays:  12pm-4pm

Wednesdays: 12pm-4pm

Fridays:  12pm-4pm

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