A Montrice is a birth professional that provides services in a similar fashion as a Doula, but with limited clinical training. 

A Doula is not able to provide any sort of clinical support to their client. A Montrice may be able to:

- Monitor fetal heart tones

- Monitor vitals

- Perform a cervical exam when appropriate

- and more......

Because of the nature of this work, we require students to submit proof of Doula training before attending our workshop. We want to certify professionals who already know birth work in relation to the actual labor portion. 

Students must know that it is their responsibility to work within the regulations of their state. 

It's recommended to use this training to seek work or partnerships with local midwives. 

There is no online learning portion. This is an in person workshop only!  At our workshop, you will have lectures, hands on skills, and testing. You will learn (among other things:

- Cervical exams with a simulation model

- Fetal positions with a simulation model

- Birth tools

- Introduction to charting a birth 

- Fetal heart tones in labor

- Vitals, urinalysis, and other limited diagnostics


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As of Jan 5th, we will be open every Tuesday and Friday from 11am to 3pm. 

Schedule an appt, walk in, shop online for in store pickup, or call ahead if you like. 

If there is inclement weather, we will not be in the office. 

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