Montrice Training

A Montrice is a care professional who is trained as a doula, and is also qualified to perform limited clinical tasks. A Montrice may check a client's blood pressure, auscultate fetal heart tones during labor, and even conduct cervical exams.

A Montrice may play a big role in care, for clients who do not want to call the midwife or rush to the hospital too soon.

A Montrice can also offer an additional level of care for clients. A Montrice does not act as a Doula or as a Midwife! It's important to work within your scope. 

Our training can prepare birthworkers who hope to gain skills for employment or apprenticeship with a local Midwife. 

Our Montrice training takes place in two parts. It provides 3 weeks of online lectures; where students will take notes to retain information. Lectures are 1 day per week for 2 hours. Students can choose to attend a weeknight or a weekend morning lecture. There will be assignments. Then a 2 day skills and exam workshop IN CONNECTICUT must be attended. ( I will not be offering this class in other states during 2021. Sorry). Our clinical skills are taught by licensed medical assistant instructors, patient care technicians, doulas, and student midwives.

The lecture portion costs $300 and the workshop skills portion costs $400. Both the online portion and the skills portion will be paid separately. Payment plans are available. Use the chat box on the bottom right to inquire. Visit the events page for lecture and workshop dates. We are only accepting 12 students per lecture period. Students must be certified doulas in order to register for this course. Upon payment, you will be asked to email your doula certification to us. If you cannot provide this, do not pay; as there are no refunds. You must have your own lodging for the workshop weekend.

Students will have 1 year to complete the course. There are no refunds. 

Skills and knowledge that will be learned in the course, include:

Blood pressure checks

Fetal heart tones in labor

Abdominal palpation for fetal position

Common pregnancy ailments, symptoms, management, and potential risks

Cervical exam simulation


and more.......

Students will receive certificates of completion after attending live lectures and a skills workshop

*Please note that we are not responsible for your decision to practice in your state. It is your responsibility to know if your state has regulations against providing Montrice services. It is recommended to practice as a Montrice alongside or in partnership with a licensed or recognized midwife. A signed liability waiver will be required upon enrollment.*


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