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Distance Training Program Overview

Self Paced

My online Placenta Encapsulation Training Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely provide placenta services for your clients. Upon enrolling, you will receive an email with links to access the course via google classroom; as well as the link to the FB student support group. There is no required testing or exams. Everything is extremely simple! Client feedback forms will help me determine your ability to encapsulate. To date, we have had over 100 students enrolled since offering the course in April of 2018!


Course requirements include: 

  • completing reading material

  • joining the FB support group 

  • obtaining your Bloodeborne Pathogen certification via Bioloigx (an additional fee of $25)

  • completing three placenta encapsulations with client intake forms


Reading material includes topics such as:

Risks and benefits to encapsulation, ways to utilize the placenta, safe handling, the encapsulation process, and making a tincture, common placental issues, genetic disorders, STD's, and much more.  The course is rolling; which means you do not have to wait to begin. This is a self paced course that most people who are already doulas, taking clients regularly, will be able to complete within 6 months. However, you will have 2 years to complete the course. After completing this course you will be a WCPS Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist! My course caters to those with a learning style like mine! Birth work is an ongoing study. Even with the most extensive training, you will never know it all. My course serves to provide you with the most important information needed, to safely encapsulate placentas. The reading material is extremely easy to get through; and the videos will help serve as a visual aid for those who have never worked with a placenta before. 

There are NO REFUNDS!


With virtual education becoming the new normal, we are excited to announce our new virtual group training option. You get to work with me live on video as we simulate the entire process of encapsulation. The only difference is that it is in a group, rather than one on one. You will be required to complete your Bioloix Bloodborne Pathogen training and the distance reading material before class, and you will also need to have:

A placenta or a meat product that is similar (liver or steak)

A capsule machine

Empty capsules

Meat shearing scissors


A Magic Bullet 

You will also need appropriate PPE if you are using an actual placenta

You will be certified upon the completion of this virtual class. If you are already a distance training student, you may take this course in place of your current enrollment for an additional payment of $50. 

Please view the events page for upcoming class dates. 


Regular cost is $300 for the distance course.  Are you a birth worker of color? Apply for a scholarship for $150 towards your training. Scholarships will not be applied during sales. Fill out the form below. Be sure to tell us about your work and include a link to your fb or website. Please do not apply for a scholarship until you are ready to pay. Approvals are often made within 24 hours. It would be less time consuming if the need to follow up on when you will be making your payment did not exist. If you do not make your payment within 1 week of approval, you risk losing your scholarship. 

Cross Training $100

 Have you been trained by another organization, but would like to certify with WCPS now? Enroll as a cross trained student for just a fraction of the price.

Send us proof of your previous certification to Placentastudent@gmail.com in order to be enrolled. 

You will have access to our distance training material, and you will be required to complete only 2 encapsulations instead of 3. One of the two encapsulations may be from any placenta that you have encapsulated in the 6 months prior to your enrollment. You must show proof of that encapsulation with photos or a client feedback form. 

You will still be required to take your Biologix bloodborne pathogen training as with the basic training.

Pay Plans Available
We understand that sometimes, using a pay plan is easier than waiting to save up. We have tried pay plans in the past, and had a few bumps in the road. We want to do our best to make this course accessible to as many people as possible. Our pay plan comes with some new agreements and is more structured to reinforce payments due. Please read, before requesting a pay plan. Do not request a pay plan until you are ready to make your first payment. Request your pay plan by using the contact box. 
* Pay plans are available for splitting the cost of the basic distance course (during times when the course is not on special) into 3 installments. You are required to pay once per month. Though you may pay sooner. 
* You may ask for an extension of up to one week, if you request it in at least 48hrs before your payment is due. Late payments will be subject to a $10 late fee, added on to your next payment. 
* Payments that are late by more than two weeks will be subject to removal from the course without refund. Students removed from the course will need to pay the full amount of the course, up front to be eligible for re-enrollment. 


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