Woman's Choice Perinatal Services

Serving Greater Waterbury, New Haven and surrounding areas. 


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Our Placenta Encapsulation Specialists

Woman's Choice Perinatal Services is a certifying body for placenta encapsulation specialists. We have students and certified specialists in multiple states who are ready to serve you! 
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Casey - Bridgeport, CT

Casey is a Doula in Connecticut. 

She is also certified through our placenta encapsulation training course. 

Casey was my Doula for my last pregnancy, and is also my apprentice. She is training to become a WCPS placenta course instructor. She is also my go to specialist and placenta transport assistant in the event that I am unavailable. 

If you book service with me, you may see Casey in my place. 

Skyler - Jacksonville, FL

Skyler is a newly certified specialist!

She is a young mom who enthusiastic about her work in the birth field. 

Tykeyah - Central Texas

Tykeyah is a doula who is working towards expanding her services. She is close to completing her placenta encapsulation certification. 

Brittany - Greensboro, NC (and surrounding cities)

Brittany has been preparing placentas for some time, but is now officially certified. 

Brittany is also a doula, herbalist, and more. 

Liz - Quad Cities of IL

Liz is a birth doula and is certified as a placenta encapsulation specialist through our program. She is hoping to bring more awareness about placenta encapsulation to her area. 

Starlita Kilpatrick - Metro Philly Area

Starlita is working towards her certification. She is excited to offer placenta encapsulation in her area. 

Kendra Payne - New Haven, CT

Kendra is a certified specialist, by way of our hands on training. Kendra is ready to offer these services, in addition to her doula service. 

Odessa Bates - (Most of)Western, MA.....Litchfield County, CT....Columbia & Albany Counties, NY

Odessa is a certified specialist, by way of our hands on training. Odessa offers doula support, and is now ready to offer placenta encapsulation.