Placenta Encapsulation

placenta encapsulation Overview

Experience the many potential benefits of placenta encapsulation!

Restore iron, boost energy, balance hormones, relieve pain, and support a good milk supply. 

             Your preparation includes:

  • capsules

  • umbilical cord keepsake

  • tincture (you may opt for 1 dozen chocolates in place of the tincture)

  • you can add on 1 dozen chocolates in addition to your package for an additional $15

  • you can add placenta art print for an additional $15

  I have been providing placenta services since 2015. I have also enrolled over 100 students in my placenta encapsulation certification program; with 4 students currently studying to teach my course to others. I have been trained in the study of Bloodborne Pathogens through a Biologix course, made specifically for placenta specialists. You can view all of my certifications on the About Me page. When you book service with me, you can rest assured that your placenta is handled with caution and care. 

Book your service before your 34th week of pregnancy to avoid a late booking fee of $25. Booking less than two weeks before your due date will incur a $50 last minute booking fee. I provide service within 45 minutes of Waterbury at no additional travel cost. A travel fee of $20 will be added to services booked further than 45 minutes away, and up to 1.5 hours away. Please add all appropriate fees to your cart upon booking, otherwise, services will be cancelled.

Delivering in Waterbury? Inquire about my special price, $150 for encapsulation only. Add on a dozen chocolates, a tincture, or umbilical keepsake for $15 each.


Do you have trouble with taking pills? Tired of sharing your snacks? Placenta chocolates are for you! What better way to treat yourself, than with chocolates that have benefits? Nobody will eat your chocolates now! Each chocolate is equivalent to one capsule. A handful a day keeps the PPD away! (That statement is not a guarantee) 

You can get placenta chocolates as an add on or as a service in itself. 

If you have capsules left from your encapsulation, ship them to us! We can make chocolates for you. Use the contact form to inquire. 

For FAQs, download the appropriate contracts below

Placenta Encapsulation Service

$350.00Regular Price$250.00Sale Price

Lotus Birth Support


Placenta Chocolate


I wouldn't  be where we are without the help from some of our clients who spread the word about our services. I want to thank those who refer me to others, and those who choose to do business with me!


New Clients:

Did you get referred to me by someone who was a 

client of ours? We will give you $50 off your service!

Email/Message me the name of the person who referred you and I will provide you with a coupon code to use at checkout! 

Past Clients: 

Did you refer someone to us? You did? Thank you! I appreciate your support. When your referral mentions your name and pays in full for their service, I will email you a $10 Target gift card within two weeks of their booking. 


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