As a birth doula, I realize how little training most birth doulas receive in regards to supporting their birth clients with breastfeeding. While we know that there are postpartum and lactation professionals out there, we also know that many mothers are simply not hiring those professionals or seeking the additional help that we know is so important. I feel that as birth doulas, we need to help fill the gap. In most cases, we are the only professional checking in with the mother between birth and their postpartum follow up. Once they go home from the hospital, they’re pretty much on their own to figure things out. Building doulas who are a little more equipped to support mothers on their breastfeeding journey, can make a huge difference in the initiation and continued breastfeeding rates. This program was created not to certify doulas as a lactation counselor of any kind, but to give the doula some extra knowledge on how to fill the gap and support their client a little further. This program does not count towards any type of contact hours for any other program. Doulas who take this course will receive certification of completion of the Woman’s Choice Perinatal Services Breastfeeding Crash Course for Doulas. This is a rolling, self paced course. There is no date for taking the class. The course covers:

Before the birth: preparing your client

The golden hour: initiating breastfeeding

Tongue and lip ties

Hand expression and alternate feeding methods (cups,spoons, etc)

When mothers are told to supplement

Is mom making enough milk?

Pumping: pumping and storing

Drinks and medications

Pain: Mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement 

and more

There are two short assignments

Breastfeeding Crash Course

  • This course requires you to access a Google Classroom. Please check to make sure that your email address allows you to access a Google Classroom, as Google does not accept some emails. There are no refunds. Anyone caught sharing the classroom code or course material, will be subject to legal action being taken


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