Woman's Choice Perinatal Services

Serving Greater Waterbury, New Haven and surrounding areas. 


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Join My Referral Program

Earn a few extra bucks by referring our main products, training programs, and services. Participants will get their own codes that will provide customers with a discount. When your code is used, you will earn money. The discount and earning amounts are listed below. 
10% discount for customers/students/clients
* $25 for distance training
* $25 for placenta encapsulation
* $10 for VBAC support
* $2 for elderberry elixirs
Use our website link to the page of the product, service, or training that you are promoting. We do offer payment plans. Payment plans can be combined with your discount. Please let your referrals know that they must let us know they have a discount code. Discounts cannot be used when we are having a sale. But if you send us a customer, client, or student during the sale just email us with their name and we will compensate you a fair amount depending on the sale. 
Participants must have PayPal. There is no payout minimum. Every Monday, you will be paid for what you earn. Use the chat box in the corner to ask us any questions