Training Scholarships

We believe in the worth of our training programs and have decided that we are no longer hosting sales on a regular basis. 

While we always accept pay plans, we want to make our courses as accessible as we can, to BIPOC birth workers. 

We've decided that we will offer a 50% scholarship to 3 individuals each month, as a way to give back. 

Scholarships can be used for our Live or Self Paced Placenta Encapsulation Training or for our Self Paced Postpartum Doula Training. 

Applications will be accepted from the 1st to the 3rd. Please do not apply outside of these times. Accepted applicants will be notified between Thursday and Sunday. Applicants will have 48 hours to accept their reward and pay for their course. Pay plans are allowed on the scholarship price if needed.


There are no Feb scholarships!

All courses are already on sale!