The art of hand expression

Everyday there are millions of women trying to find ways not just to increase the amount of milk they're making, but the quality of the milk they're making. 

What do I mean by quality? Well, milk comes out in two stages. Foremilk which is more hydrating and thin, and hindmilk which is more fatty and filling. Many women look for ways to pump out more of that fatty milk. They start stuffing their faces with miracle foods like avocados and such, hoping for a boost in fatty milky goodness.

Well my friends.....stuff your faces no longer. Do, however get those hand muscles ready! Most of the fat lies in the art of hand expressing! 

Isn't squeezing the milk out the same thing as pumping it out? Nope! Here's where it all starts to make sense. Have you ever pumped and left your milk in the fridge for a day and noticed the fat at the top of the container? Well, did you notice how the fat stuck to the container and you had to swirl it around quite a bit to release it? That's how the fat is in your breasts. It "sticks" to the sides basically. Hand expressing or massaging the breasts while pumping helps release that fat. 

Ever notice how your baby squeezes your breasts sometimes while they nurse? Make sense now? They know whats good! 

Check out my personal results from pumping vs hand expressing. Guess which one is which! Cool huh? 

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