My cloth journey!

This morning's fluff mail inspired me to do this blog post! Currently I'm not using cloth full time. However, I'm working on making thr transition once all of my disposables run out. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda terrified! 

Let me start by saying I AM NOT A CLOTH EXPERT! In fact, I just started CDing (cloth diapering) a few months ago and I still don't even know if there's a diaper cream that's ok to use with them, or if I'm supposed to be letting these diapers soak while they're waiting to be washed, etc. I just wanted to share my experience so far partly to help encourage/give a little info to other newbies like myself, and partly to document how I started off so that I can see my progress on this journey. 

So there are many types/styles of CDs. I currently have experience with covers and pockets, so that's what I'll talk about. 

Let's start with covers. 

Covers do not come with any padding attatched. With a cover you would use a prefold (basically like a cloth folded onto your baby like a diaper) or an insert and then cover it with the cover. Covers are cool because sometimes you can use them more than once without having to wash first. You can simply remove the lining and wipe out the cover with a wet cloth or wipe. However, I've had more leaks with covers. There isn't extra protection and you have to line your inserts up just right. favorite.....pockets!!!

First off, how cute are cloth diapers? Seriously! In the summer just throw on a cute diaper and a tank and your baby is all set. 

Ok so about these pockets. They're great. The pocket diapers come equipt with padding. They also have a pocket that you can put in additional inserts! You can use one insert during the day and 2 at night of you like. I also love that they come out of the wash practically dry already. This makes it really easy to diaper 1 baby with very few diapers. 

General info? Here's what I know:

Poop - In the early mushy poop days, use a sprayer to spray away solid particles into the toilet or laundry sink. When baby is bigger, you can use flushable liners inside of your diapers and just toss the poop into the toilet. 

Washing - Each brand has different instructions. Generally you can wash in warm water with a free and clear detergent or you can buy special diaper detergent if you feel compelled to do so. 

Drying - Dry on a low heat cycle. Hang drying is my favorite option. 

On the go - What do you do with the diapers when you're out? Invest $10 in a wet/dry bag (seen in first image). It has 2 compartments. One for fresh diapers and one for wet ones. Easy peasy.

Money - It can be daunting seeing the price tag on a set of CDs. However, keep in mind that when cared for properly a good quality diaper can last for years. With that said, you may spend $200 for 3 dozen diapers and you're all set for this baby and even the next if you plan to have more! The downside, they're so dang cute that you'll be addicted and want to order every design that you see and so you may go broke anyway. 

That's all I have for now. Feel free to leave me some tips and I'll be back soon with an update on our cloth diapering journey! 

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