Surviving the Summer with Kids!

Okay so I know I'm not the only parent out there losing their shit about the idea of being stuck with their kids 24/7 during the summer! Lol. I mean....we love our kids, but we also love the small break that we get a few hours a day when they go to school. Am I right? 

I don't know how well it's gonna work, but I've come up with a game plan that will hopefully buy me a few extra minutes in bed in the morning, and a few extra minutes to use the bathroom, eat, shower (and all the other things people take for granted) during the day.

1. Meal Prep

Now I don't know about you guys, but I have a husband and 4 kids (one doesn't eat food yet). I spend a large portion of my day preparing food. With 4 hungry guys to feed, I feel like I live in the kitchen! Cooking, washing dishes, repeating. 

I'm going to be using paper and plastic dinnerware this summer. I refuse to spend 1/8 of my summer at the kitchen sink. 

I'm also going to prepare some easy lunches that the kids can assemble and heat themselves. (My oldest will be 8yrs old in a few months and is allowed to use the microwave)

For breakfast:

            *Plastic containers filled with cereal and a scoop. Pints of milk for easy pouring and the kids can serve themselves cereal! 

           *Make and freeze ahead muffins! Scramble eggs, bacon, cheese etc and bake in muffin tins. 

Make blueberry banana oatmeal (or whatever you like) muffins.

Kids can pop them out of the freezer and microwave!

For lunch:

         *Make things like a crockpot of pulled bbq chicken and serve it on a portioning paper plate with a bread roll, fruit, and string cheese. Cover with plastic wrap and the kids have a lunch tray. Other good ideas are snack lunches. A balanced lunch that looks more like a plate of snacks. Nuts, cheese, yogurt, veggies with dip, cubes of chicken, ham, etc.

         *Save your fruit cups! Fill them with pizza sauce. Put shredded cheese at the bottom of a mason jar. Then place a few pepperoni in. Last, a few circles of pita bread. Close up the jar with the fruit cup inside and you have diy pizza jars. 

2. Crafts

While summer is filled with days at the beach or park; 

sometimes there just isn't enough money or energy to go out every day! 

For those days, I love busy bags! Busy bags are zip bags filled with supplies portioned out to make 1 fun craft or activity. When I was pregnant, I made busy bags for my 3yr old. I filled them with things like playdoh, glue sticks, googley eyes, crayons and a coloring book page etc. 

Busy bags can keep your kids quiet for about an hour depending on the activity or craft. For bonus quiet time, add a snack like a bag of goldfish or cookies! 

Those are just a few ideas for ways to save you some time and sanity during the summer. Wanna share some tips? Leave a comment. Let the fun begin!

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