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Breastmilk Candy? Say whaaaaaat!!!!

June 10, 2017

Where do I begin? I guess I'll start with this afternoon. It was a hot day and I was bored. I considered making some frozen breastmilk treat for the baby other than the pops I had in the freezer. I was thinking like a sorbet or something. Then....I remembered my sister saying she made some ice cream old school style! So I ran to the kitchen to try it for myself. Breastmilk in a zip bag. Ice and salt in another zip bag. Put the breastmilk bag inside of the bag with the ice and salt, then shake for a couple of minutes! Breastmilk Ice Cream. 

After successfully making this ice cream, I wondered to myself what other treats I could make. A few hours later, my kids were feeling sick. I thought of the many benefits of breastmilk and then a light went off! Breastmilk candies to help them feel better? But how?!?!?! Well I pulled out my candy thermometer and whipped up a batch of caramel. I used honey in place of corn syrup, added a bit of turmeric, and I added the breastmilk in once the caramel was nearly cooled. Let me tell you....these things taste freaking amazing!