Breastmilk Candy? Say whaaaaaat!!!!

Where do I begin? I guess I'll start with this afternoon. It was a hot day and I was bored. I considered making some frozen breastmilk treat for the baby other than the pops I had in the freezer. I was thinking like a sorbet or something. Then....I remembered my sister saying she made some ice cream old school style! So I ran to the kitchen to try it for myself. Breastmilk in a zip bag. Ice and salt in another zip bag. Put the breastmilk bag inside of the bag with the ice and salt, then shake for a couple of minutes! Breastmilk Ice Cream. 

After successfully making this ice cream, I wondered to myself what other treats I could make. A few hours later, my kids were feeling sick. I thought of the many benefits of breastmilk and then a light went off! Breastmilk candies to help them feel better? But how?!?!?! Well I pulled out my candy thermometer and whipped up a batch of caramel. I used honey in place of corn syrup, added a bit of turmeric, and I added the breastmilk in once the caramel was nearly cooled. Let me tell you....these things taste freaking amazing! 

Of course the caramels has to pass the toddler test. He's still breastfeeding so he knows what's good. He gave it a thumbs up. 

Last item on todays creation list was inspired by the baby and his sensitive skin. Breastmilk soap! I used a base soap (I chose an organic raw shea base), melted it, added in breastmilk and steel cut oats (oats for exfoliation), then reshaped them. 

My single soap base bar turned into about 18 little soap circles that will last me for a while. 

Talk about liquid gold! Breastmilk is magic! 

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