One Day at a Time

Today was just one of those days!  Ya know! One of those days that you just want to book the first ticket to anywhere but here ville.

Yesterday was my boys' last day of school, so today marked the first day of summer vacation. Woohooo!!!


I honestly don't know how I survived today. I think the excitement of getting my new cloth diaper in the mail kept me happy. (It's a special edition) 

So the day started like this. I open my eyes. I hear "STOP! I'M TELLING" 

Do my ears deceive me? Is this what I'm waking up to on the first day of summer vacation? FML 

Fast forward to breakfast........everybody is fooling around at the table as usual. Then I hear "Ooooooh you spilled it".

Sigh. Everybody's cereal was all over the table and floor. 

Why? Where are all of the summer gods who promised sunshine and fun? All I got is crying and spilled milk so far. (Pun intended)

Just after breakfast I hear my 5 year old yelling "Nate (my 3 yr old) broke the tablet". I officially start to believe this is a sick joke. 

It wasn't! It wasn't a joke at all! I was so mad that I just walked away, sat on my bed and pouted like a 2 year old. 

Now my kids have no tablet to keep them distracted and they have to actually play with toys. Gasp! So now they're fighting. 

They're fighting and the baby is screaming because I won't let him chew my finger.

When I finally think I'm going to start crying too......the skies opened up and peace came in the form of a text message from my mother in law. It read "Get the kids ready. We're going to the park and then I'm taking them to spend the night." Sweet mother of mercy I could've died from pure excitement. 

I needed this today. I'd still have the baby of course but that's no big deal. Now I'm laying in my bed and I look back and wasn't all that bad. One day at a time. 

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