World Breastfeeding Week Project Day 2

Sometimes breastfeeding is hard! While it is natural, It doesn't mean it always comes easy.

Melinda says "

After failing to get a good latch with my first and struggling with supply issues while pumping, I didn't have high expectations for this baby girl. Yet after our first latch, she was hooked. She has had my milk for over 9 months now. I breastfeed at home and pump at work, and she starts happily bouncing up and down whenever she sees me getting ready to feed her. I love breastfeeding in part for the simplicity of it. I don't have to pack enough bottles or formula or have the right water or a warmer. I always have my boobs, so we can go anywhere without much planning. I also love that it saves me a small fortune since I don't need to buy formula. That stuff is expensive! My favorite part though, is seeing her look up at me, and take comfort in me. There's nothing like it in the world."

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