World Breastfeeding Week Project Day 3

Sometimes we have to find our own way on this journey. We also need to remember, breasts are food! Babies need to eat whenever and wherever. Whether you use a cover or not, you should be comfortable and so should your baby. 

Kathy said:

"Being the first mom in my family to exclusively breast feed was a challenge. To not knowing exactly what to do to how my baby was suppose to suck the nipple. It was a challenge. The biggest challenge I faced was the support of not covering. It was fine when I was home but when it came to having to go out my boyfriend wasn't supportive to me breast feeding. It was challenging because my son never liked to be covered he would stop and start fussing around. It really did take away for me to stand up for my self and my child. Because it was effecting us both. I love this crazy journey I signed up for with my child. I know it's not always going to be easy but it's so worth it."  

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