World Breastfeeding Week Project Day 6

What a beautiful story!

I have been breastfeeding most of my adult life. I had my first baby when I was twenty and had no idea what I wanted from my birth or breastfeeding relationship with my new baby. My labor was long but in the end I was so excited to see this sweet tiny girl with loads of hair. She made me a mom!!!! She was born in a small town with one Dr and no lactation consultant. I was very lucky with her because she latched right away and had a perfect latch. Even still it was awkward and I was very unsure what to do. I knew one position (crossover cradle) and would sit up in a chair with my boppy to feed her every time. Looking back, I was so lucky to not have any problems because I had no support or knowledge. I breastfed her just shy of a year. My next two children, breastfeeding was easy and a joy. They were nursed for about 18 months each and my confidence grew. I nursed side lying, and while baby wearing at the grocery store. My last baby was born at 29 weeks. She is now a little over 3 months old. Her breastfeeding journey so far has been so difficult. I've had nearly every problem you can imagine. No supply, over supply, clogged ducts, mastitis, poor latch, flow too fast for baby and she chokes. I exclusively pumped for 6 weeks while she was too little too eat by mouth.. I over came these things with the help of a huge desire to breastfeed and the help of an amazing lactation consultant. I firmly believe now that every woman should have as much help and support for the first month as I did. Even if you are lucky and not experiencing problems, like my first, I wonder how much more enjoyable it would've been if I had a great teacher from the beginning. It is a natural process but it isn't innate. Women need to learn to breastfeed. All of this has been so much more than just nourishment for my babies. When I'm breastfeeding, I feel calm. My anxiety lessens. I feel more deeply connected to my baby. I feel more confidant in my motherhood. For me, it'll always be worth working on and fighting toward.

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