Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week: Blaine's Story

I was never told the importance of breastfeeding. After 9 nieces and nephews no one told me breast was best and I should at least try it. I wasn't offered an LC or anyone who could tell me what I should do. I knew you fed your baby formula and they were fine. With my first son on the day of birth I was watching breastfeeding videos which made me want to try and I did. I also supplemented and slowly but surely my supply went away and I formula fed. Same with my second son, it was painful but he ended up having extreme food allergies and needed special formula. Now this time around I'm 3 months in EBF with my daughter and with help from like minded peers I was able to push through some tough trials with tongue and lip tie. The pain was almost unbareable but i kept pushing. Thanks to them my journey is far from over. I'm excited about it.

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