Bat Attack! How KidsEmbrace Got Me Through MommyCon NYC

Today was insane! Good insane! Although I am a second year member of the MommyCon media team, today was my first time attending a MommyCon event! I attended MommyCon NYC at the Grand Hyatt and it was so much fun.

As a New Yorker I know all too well about the hustle and bustle of the city. I knew I needed a reliable carrier to wear.

KidsEmbrace not only hooked me up with some cool carriers to choose from, but some tethers too!

(I always told myself that tethers weren't my thing..........MIND CHANGED!!!!!!!! THEY ARE MY THING!!!!!)

(Backpack is not a KidsEmbrace item)

I chose to use the Batman carrier and tether at MommyCon and boy was it a hit! Not only did I enjoy giving my 16 month old more freedom in a busy/crowded environment.....he enjoyed feeling more independent.

Since these 2 products helped me so much today and so many people loved it, I wanted to make this special blog post to share the products with more people, tell them where to find these products, and to thank KidsEmbrace for making my day so much easier!

Click the photos (the above two images from your mobile site) to be directed to the Batman carrier and tether on amazon.

<<<Click here for the carrier

Click here for the Tether>>>

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