My Media Adventure at MommyCon NYC

I have the pleasure of being on the MommyCon Media Team as a member of the Blogger Collective for the second year in a row. However, this year was my first time being able to attend MommyCon! Now that I've experienced the event first hand, I fully understand the hype! I'm completely addicted now! 

I have so much that I want to share with you about my experience at MommyCon NYC but you'd be here reading for days lol. So I'll make it short and sweet, and highlight some of my favorite parts. 

So first off....I'm a Bronx native. I haven't been to my home state in a while so passing through Grand Central Station before making my way to the Grand Hyatt was great. I couldn't leave without taking pictures of, and buying some amazing food and baked items. I wanted to take a pic of my jam tart but I ate it too fast. 

First stop... pictures! There was the cutest backdrop to take all the selfies and us-ies that your little heart desired.

As you see, I'm babywearing ( batman carrier courtesy of KidsEmbrace. See my last blog post to find out where to get yours) Let me just tell you.....there are so many freebies being handed out that you'll want to bring a stroller too! Not for the baby...for your bags lol. Especially if you purchase a premium or VIP ticket that comes with a gift bag. Photo bomb of my freebies coming up! Keep in mind I split my freebies so I could send some to my sister so this isn't everything! (Gasp)

Let me start with my gift bag. I got a media bag which is like an upgraded premium bag. My two favorite items from the bag are the Jujube baglet set and the Ezpz mini bowl.

 My favorite freebies from the exhibitors were the samples from the Manuka Honey table and the Don't Go Nuts granola bars. PS Don't Go Nut's is A sponsor for my Children's Day Out charity event this June. They're an awesome company! 

I loved everything though! Especially the water bottles! I have 4 kids and with summer coming there will be many trips to the park in the near future and they will come in handy. 

Aside from the awesome freebies, there were many other great things to see and do. Attend sessions, try on wraps, etc. I fell so in love with this woven wrap by Teknhi. 

There was even a nice feeding lounge that offered moms a comfortable place to feed their babies in private. It had a fridge, warmers, milk bags, breast pads and more! It was pretty awesome! (There was a rest lounge and changing area too but I didn't get pictures for obvious reasons lol)

 I think my son's favorite things were all of the snacks and all of the toys! He really enjoyed playing at the MommyCon shop. 

I had an amazing time in NYC! I cant wait to do it again next year. But until then.....see ya in Philly! Yep! You heard right. I'm going to MommyCon Philly too! 


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