Getting Crafty with Eco-Kids

As a mom of 4, I try to give my kids the very best. I've started gravitating towards more natural products for my family. 

When I heard about Eco-Kids, I was so excited! Eco-Kids is a family run business that produces natural art supplies! 

Today my kids got to try out some Eco-Dough and Eco-Crayon Sticks! 

The crayons were a big hit with my toddler! He was too antsy for me to get a good picture of him lol, but you can see a video of him coloring on our Instagram page! 

Eco-Dough is lead free and non-toxic. It's made with colors from fruits and veggies! That's so awesome! My kids got a kick out of that fun fact! 

We cannot wait to take our sidewalk kit outside this weekend! Stay tuned for more Eco fun! 

You can buy Eco-Kids art products here:


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