Luna Luv! Your Period Doesn't Have To Suck!

Let's face it. Most women really do not look forward to dealing with a period every month.

The cramps. The mood swings. The blood!!!!! Oh the blood!

Did I mention the blood?

I mean....the average woman really only bleeds a few spoonfuls each month but damnit it sure seems like more than that!

Especially when you experience a leak and that shit gets everywhere. Your panties, your sheets, or if you're lucky've had the amazing experience of bleeding through some nice white or khaki pants in the middle of school or something.

Just throw me in the wash too!

Lunapads is a wonderful company that is changing the way women manage their periods.

While Lunapads makes many products to manage your period, I'm going to talk about the MAIA Brief.

This amazing brief is a game changer for sure!

"MAIA Briefs are adjustable to fit your flow. Featuring an absorbent, leak-proof lining and removable insert to keep you comfortable and dry all day long."

This brief can be worn alone on lighter flow days, or with a liner based on your needs. I love that this brief provides extra protection for people like myself who always seemed to leak through underwear in the middle of the night.

They're also the ideal product for young girls who aren't comfortable using pads or tampons, or who may be nervous about leaks while at school or out with friends.

In addition to all of the other great things about the MAIA Brief, it's also really comfy. It comes in 8 sizes and 3 colors, so there's really something for everyone!

To find out more about the MAIA Brief and other Lunapads products, click HERE

As a thanks for reading, Lunapads has provided me with this discount code to save you 15% on your order: LUVLUNA15

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