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It's the First Day of Summer....but School's Not Out! It's Just Getting Started!

June 21, 2018

Today may be the last day of public school, but tomorrow marks the first day of getting back into homeschooling. 

Why? Well, because there are so many learning opportunities to take advantage of during the warm summer months when trips to the aquarium and zoo are the most fun! 

Learning doesn't always have to be hard work! 

That being said.....one tool that we use to make learning easy and fun, is Time4Learning.com  

Homeschooling 3 kids is no easy task. Time4Learning has not only been great for the kids, but great for me. The parent portal let's you see your child's progress and help make sure they are on track. 

I also love that you can choose different levels for each subject. This is great for my 8 year old who is reading on a 5th grade level. 

Time4Learning is so easy to use that even the little ones love it. Pre k level programs are exciting and encouraging for my 4 year old. 

We love using Time4Learning as a supplemental element in our schooling. It allows the kids to have fun while learning and working independently. 

I highly recommend trying their  program . It's definitely worth it. Even if you aren't homeschooling, it's a great tool to use during summer, winter and spring breaks, or on the weekends.