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Children Who Chew! How Chewigem IS Helping My Son.

August 21, 2018

My 8 year old son chews everything! Pencils, toys, shirt collars......you name it, he chews it! Not only was it frustrating to see everything being destroyed, but I also worried a lot. Worried about his dental health and the fact that he could break a tooth on something. I also worried about choking or getting sick. 

So why is he chewing everything in the first place? 

Kids chew objects for a number of reasons. It's usually part of what's known as oral fixation. The causes can range from anxiety, to the need for more stimulation, to a host of other things. 

One day I was watching a live FB post from Ms. Dawn Winklemann with Spectrum Speech.  I know she helps many families with children who have sensory struggles and so I asked her if she had any recommendations for helping my son with his oral fixation. 

She so kindly recommended Chewigem USA!  

Chewigem sells an amazing line of products suited for the need to chew. From necklaces to bracelets to fidget toys....their cool products are helping kids to chew safely and discreetly. 

My son is using the glow in the dark skull necklace for moderate chewers. 

If you aren't sure what type of product you need for your child, you can contact Chewigem USA on