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June 17, 2019

If you've ever been pregnant, you may know how horrible back and pelvic pain can be. Especially towards the end of pregnancy! If you've ever had SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), then you know it makes things even worse! 

What is SPD? 

"Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) is a group of symptoms that cause discomfort in the pelvic region. It usually occurs during pregnancy, when your pelvic joints become stiff or move unevenly. It can occur both at the front and back of your pelvis. SPD is also sometimes referred to as pelvic girdle pain." - Healthline.com 


 (photo credit: The Moving Body Group)


I've dealt with severe SPD with 3 prior pregnancies, and now with my current pregnancy. 

I have always worn a pregnancy support belt, but they offered minimal relief. 

Just recently, I came across a company on Instagram called BabyBellyBand. As soon as I saw their product, I knew I HAD to have it! 



The BabyBellyBand can provide relief from multiple pregnancy and postpartum discomforts, but what stood out to me was that they specifically had add on items that help target areas affected by SPD.