Comfortable Upright Birth

I cannot Express how excited I am to share this product! While scrolling FB one day, I came across the CUB. When I saw it, I knew I had to have one. It would be a product not only beneficial to me during these last weeks of my pregnancy, but my clients will get to enjoy the benefits of trying it out once I get back to work!

"The CUB is a modern innovation designed to provide of the advantages of an active labour while supporting a variety of positions for giving birth. The CUB's patented, innovative design has removed the disadvantages associated with the traditional type birth stool or the common birth ball" -CUB

I never wanna use another round birth ball again! Lol

The CUB is so sturdy and comfortable to sit on.

And it's unique U-shape design allows for great comfort when leaning over it while on your knees. Unlike the traditional round birth ball, you won't find yourself squashing your belly on it.

Find out more about the CUB here ! ( Order on the CUB website using code CA27 to save $5 )

Need to have one now? Get yours on Amazon

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