Bloomlife Contraction Monitor Review

My baby arrived this Monday! It was such a long journey and I'm so happy he's here. Thanks to my line of work, I had the pleasure of connecting with some companies who really helped make my pregnancy easier. Bloomlife is one of those companies!

I tend to have prodromal labor for weeks, and very long early labors that last for days. Timing contractions gets very tiring. The bloomlife monitor helps take the work out of timing. The monitor is also very cool because it shows you your patterns as an image rather than just in numbers. You can see how big a contraction is too.

Bloomlife has excellent customer service via email, the app, and FB messenger! I was able to get assistance via FB messenger even after hours, which really impressed me. The monitor is also very affordable. Just $20/week for however many weeks you choose to use it. Unlimited patches easily delivered at no additional cost! Get one week free here There are two things that I didn't love, but they weren't huge issues. I do wish you could move around more while using the monitor. You have to be laying very still for one hour. Connection gets lost very easily if you move too much. I also had to remove a brand new patch to charge the monitor because my battery got low. It would be nice to put the charger port in an area that would allow it to be charged without wasting a good patch. Overall, my experience was amazing. I will definitely recommend Bloomlife to clients, friends, family, etc.

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