Our Quick Guide To Giving

The holidays are quickly approaching! If you're like me, you are probably still cramming in some shopping. Or even just getting started! (Gasp)

This year, I am focusing on giving gifts that are more useful. Especially for my tiny tots who will get bored of things quickly. I wanted to share some of the things that I am giving.

1. Ezpz Eating tools:

My 3 year old will be getting the Elmo and Cookie Monster plates, and my 4 month old is getting a tiny cup and tiny spoon. Ezpz is a loved brand in our home! You can use the code WCPS10 to save 10% on your order!

2. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet:

Three of my kids got this tablet for Christmas last year! They're working great for them, so I just purchased one for the 3 yr old! Take it from a mom of 5......I personally don't think you need to spend extra money on a kid's edition tablet.

This case is a great accessory for your tablet!

3. Elderberry Elixir:

Of course I have to add my own product to this list! But seriously.....tis the season for colds and germs! Our elixir is a great gift for anybody!

Pre order during the first week of December to get a discount. Orders will ship December 17th, in time for Christmas.

4. Donate:

It may not be a gift for anyone you know, but a donation is always a great gift for someone who is in need! I run a non-profit that provides services for the women and children in our community. We are desperate for a space of our own. Your donation could help us, help more families.

5. Coffee:

I LOVE a good cup of coffee! I especially love a good cup of coffee, sold by a small business. Check out Alba's Cafecitos. The Jax Espresso is a personal favorite of mine!

If you've purchased any of these great gifts, comment and let us know your thoughts!

Happy holidays!

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