Woman getting ultrasound
Visit our office for a limited diagnostic ultrasound. We can help:
Date your pregnancy
Confirm cardiac activity
Determine number of fetuses

Ultrasound during pregnancy is considered to be a generally safe procedure. However, the use of ultrasound should be performed to monitor the health of you and your baby; not be for entertainment purposes. If you come to us for ultrasound, it is strictly for the reasons above. You, will be asked to sign a waiver understanding any potential risks and that our procedure is limited in diagnostics and not to be used in place of seeking the advice of your medical provider. 


We are offer donation based ultrasounds on Tuesdays. *$15 min donation* for families in need. You can book using the button below. Donation is to be presented at your visit by cash or card. 

Walk ins are welcome but may be subject to wait times. Please call ahead to check our availability