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Lactation Support

Services available after the new year

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I have over 15 years of breastfeeding experience personally and professionally. Aside from birth and placenta work, breastfeeding is one of my biggest passions. Helping new mothers achieve their goals with support, compassion, and empathy. 

I currently offer in-home and telehealth support. 

At this time Husky does not cover this service, but discounts (or even free services depending on current grant funds) are available for Husky patients. Please inquire. 


Get prepared in advance for your breastfeeding journey. 60-minute breastfeeding prep session offered in-person or via telehealth.

Fitting Service

Planning to pump? This service is to get you fitted for the proper flange size to optimize your comfort and output. Also, discover different pumps available. 45 min

Weight Check

A weight check can help bring parents peace of mind. Your baby is weighed just before and just after a feeding to determine their intake. 30min

Postpartum Consult

Once you've had your baby, you may be in need of some support to help you with latching, comfort, supply concerns, and more. Up to 90 min.

Insurance & Self-Pay

Connecticare offers to cover 1 lacation visit via reimbursement. You must pay out of pocket and submit any required documents for reimbursement.



We are affiliated with The Lactation Network (TLN) which will check your plan's eligibility. If you have a PPO plan with Cigna, Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield, United Health Care or you have coverage with Multiplan or PNOA, you may get complete coverage for our services. 

Any additional fees for travel based on your location or for rescheduling are your responsibility and will not be covered by insurance.


Please use the button below to check your eligibility. This will take you directly to my provider profile so that I'm requested through your inquiry. 

Self-pay fees are as follows:


Initial - $200

Initial weekend/holiday - $225

Follow up - $175

Follow up weekend/holiday - $200


Initial - $150

Initial weekend/holiday - $175

Follow up - $100

Follow up weekend/holiday - $125

Travel fees are assessed based on milage from 64 Robbins St Waterbury CT
                                     21-30 miles $30
                                     31-50 miles $50
                                     51-60 miles $70

Travel fees are an out of pocket expense even if your service is covered by insurance

Hours and days of availability vary. However, my average work times are between 11am and 2pm. 
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