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In Person & Virtual  Training Events

Placenta encapsulation student examining a placenta

Birth Doula Training Additional Information

Required Assignments:

  1. Serve 2 clients - You must provide 2 prenatal visits, attend the birth, and conduct 1 postpartum follow-up. 1 client may be a cesarean birth but should be an unplanned cesarean. This is not to say that someone having a planned cesarean birth does not need a doula, but there is more physical work involved with a planned vaginal birth that requires some more hands-on experience than supporting a cesarean birth. There will be a section on supporting clients through cesarean that should be fairly sufficient in preparing you for the experience.

  2. Pass all quizzes throughout the course

  3. Create a contract and a service price list

  4. Create a thorough resource list with pregnancy, postpartum and family related services

  5. Read 1 book and do a book report or take a course on pregnancy loss. If you choose a book, it does not count towards your 2 books if you choose book reports from the optional assignments below.

There will also be a 4 additional assignments which you may choose out of 7 options. 

Birth Worker Mentorship

Available mentoring options include 1-hr pick my brain sessions, individual 3-month mentorship, or 6-week group mentorship

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