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Note: The timeframe under each training represents the time allotted to complete the course. Not how long it will take you. 

*Please note, there may be a delay in accessing your course for up to 2 business days after your selected start date or enrollment. Contact WCPS if you do not have access beyond that amount of time.*

In Person & Virtual Placenta Training Events

Placenta encapsulation student examining a placenta

Birth Doula Training Additional Information

Required Assignments:

  1. Serve 2 clients - You must provide 2 prenatal visits, attend the birth, and conduct 1 postpartum follow-up. 1 client may be a cesarean birth but should be an unplanned cesarean. This is not to say that someone having a planned cesarean birth does not need a doula, but there is more physical work involved with a planned vaginal birth that requires some more hands-on experience than supporting a cesarean birth. There will be a section on supporting clients through cesarean that should be fairly sufficient in preparing you for the experience.

  2. Pass all quizzes throughout the course

  3. Create a contract and a service price list

  4. Create a thorough resource list with pregnancy, postpartum and family related services

  5. Read 1 book and do a book report or take a course on pregnancy loss. If you choose a book, it does not count towards your 2 books if you choose book reports from the optional assignments below.

There will also be a 4 additional assignments which you may choose out of 7 options. 

         Birth Worker Mentorship
         $600  3-Months Individual
         $300 3-Months Group
As a successful birth professional of over 8 years, I bring a lot of wisdom to birth workers who are looking to start or grow their business. Hour long monthly video calls, unlimited email communication, discounts on trainings, and access to my Facebook group with exclusive content.  Please send a message to receive and sign your mentorship agreement before submitting payment. Pay plan is available with Sezzle.

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