Woman's Choice Charitable Association

Woman's Choice Charitable Association is a 501 (c) 3 organization that was established in September 2017.

Our mission is to serve the community by providing free/low cost services, products, and events for women and children.

We primarily focus on services/products that focus on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. With a heavy focus on healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes for Black women.

Our CT State licensure as a Community Health Worker, helps us to be a great resource to those who need us.

For Black women giving birth in Waterbury, CT we are providing FREE service when funding allows. If we do not have funding available, you will qualify for service at the rate of $500.
For Black women not giving birth in Waterbury, we are offering service at the low rate of $700.
For women who have other risk factors or are low income or who do not identify as Black , we are offering service at the low rate of $1000. This is 50% off of our normal price.
We also provide postpartum support services at the rate of $200 for 8 hours for any Black mother in CT. 
Postpartum services for any other mother in need, are offered at $350 for 8 hours. 
Payment plans are always available! 
We want to do our best to serve as many families as we can, with cost being a minimal concern. 
WCCA is so grateful for this opportunity to make a difference, in such a huge way.


Meet Our Community Doulas

When you are approved for support through our program, you will be paired with one of our amazing doulas! 

Meet Ashanti. Owner, Program Coordinator, and Lead Doula


Meet Tee! Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Trained by us! Learn more about Tee, by clicking her photo. 



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We Have Funding Available Now!  Please Apply! 

Accepting Due Dates from Late June Through December