Woman's Choice Perinatal Services

Serving Greater Waterbury, New Haven and surrounding areas. 


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Woman's Choice Charitable Association

Woman's Choice Charitable Association is a 501 (c) 3 organization that was established in September 2017.

Our mission is to serve the community by providing free/low cost services, products and events for women and children. Especially services/products that focus on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and diapering. We also strive to support youth education, especially homeschooled youth. 

In addition to those wonderful missions, we also try to support birth workers and aspiring birth workers of color by providing small scholarships and/or free training opportunities. 

Stay tuned for upcoming offerings, opportunities, and fundraisers. 

Cloth Diaper Assistance

Would you like to learn about cloth diapering? I am happy to provide low income families with cloth diapering assistance. 

Local Families:

If you are located in Waterbury or are able to come to Waterbury, we will meet in person. The meeting is 30 minutes to 1 hour long. There is a fee of $20. This fee helps pay for gas, time, and helps us pay for shipping expenses requested by companies who donate the cloth to us. 

Non-Local Families:

We will have a virtual meeting via Zoom. The meeting is 30 minutes to 1 hour long. There is a fee of $40. This fee covers the shipping of your diapers as well as time and the expenses related to offering virtual service. 

Families will receive:

1-2 dozen cloth diapers and at least 1 wet bag for dirty diapers. Please know that you may receive different types of diaper systems. You cannot choose what you get. Our meeting will teach you how to use all types of systems. The diaper package is valued at no less than $100

Support without diapers:

If you need some guidance on cloth diapering, washing, etc...I am happy to help. I will not require a fee, but I am happy to accept donations for my time. Donations help me continue to do the work that I do. For support, please email me at Womanschoiceps@gmail.com 

Please click below to book a meeting with me.

Free VBAC Support

WCPS offers VBAC support service. Thanks to a donation from a local walmart, we are offering this service to one woman for free. This offer is for a pregnant person not more than 6 months pregnant, who has had at least one cesarean. This service is virtual. Please click the button below to be directed to the VBAC service page. Apply thru October 11th, 2019. An applicant will be chosen at random and notified by October 14th, 2019