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Secure The Bag

Let's have a little talk about why some doulas are not making money. Follow closely. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Let's say you charge $2,000 per client and you take 4 clients per month. You're making $96,000 for the year. Let's say you work an average of 24hrs with each client, plus 12 miscellaneous hours each week doing social media etc. That's 1,776hrs per yr. Now add in these average expenses:

$800 office rent/utilities - $9,600/yr

$50/wk gas - $2,600/yr

$300 insurance/yr

$300 website/yr

Total $12,800🤯

Deduct the $12,800 from $96,000 and you have $83,200. Divide that by the 1,776hrs you've worked and you've made $46.84/hr. Not bad! 🤑

NOW.......keep this in mind......Many of you are NOT charging $2,000. Many of you are NOT booking more than 2 clients per month. Many of you also are NOT taking time off because you're not making enough money to do so. 😔 No vacation for you! ⛱️

Many doulas are charging $1,000 per client (Many even less. Gasp! 🫣) and are securing about 2 clients per month (some months it may be 1 or none). So let's do that math now. $1,000 per client x 2 clients per month is $24,000/yr. You work a total of 1,200hrs now with a smaller client load. Deduct the same fees from above ($12,800) and you're left with $11,200. Divide that by 1,200hrs and now you've made an entire $9.33/hr. Even if you cut out the expense of an office, you've made $17.33/hr. Congratulations! 🥳

Sike! 😑

So now what?⁉️

Well......first off you may need to raise your prices. Find some passive income. Set a work schedule to cut some hours. Stop signing up for 800 courses before mastering your first line of work. Having 800 skills isn't going to automatically make you money if you're not applying yourself. Work smarter not harder. And lastly, consider investing some of your money earned into mentorship.

Need a mentor? I'm your girl. Let me help you learn how to secure that bag. Don't chase the bag. Let the bag come to you. Stop saying "I'm looking for clients". Say "I'm accepting clients". Say that out loud. Do you feel the difference?

Send a message for mentorship services

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