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Ashanti Rivera

Perinatal Specialist


Hello, I'm Ashanti, a devoted wife and proud mother of six wonderful children. Within the birth community, I wear multiple hats, with my roles as a Birth Doula, Placenta Preparation Specialist, and IBCLC being the ones I'm best known for.

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Home visits are back for 2024! WCPS will no longer be operating out of an office space. (At least for a while). 

Ashanti will be coming to you for all of your needs! 

Ultrasound services are back! Can't get in for an early scan when YOU want one? WCPS is able to come to your home with mobile ultrasound services to confirm your pregnancy and provide you with an estimated due date. 

Breastfeeding professional of almost 10 years, Ashanti has decided to persue and successfully obtain IBCLC status. Private lactation consulting is available out of pocket for now, until WCPS is in network with insurance. 


WCPS Birth Academy

Study midwifery skills, birth and postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation, and more.....


Placenta Encapsulation Training

The first WCPS training and most popular! Learn how to create capsules, tinctures, and keepsakes, and more.

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