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Ashanti Rivera

Perinatal Specialist


Hello, I'm Ashanti, a devoted wife and proud mother of six wonderful children. Within the birth community, I wear multiple hats, with my roles as a Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist being the ones I'm best known for.

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As of 2023, Woman's Choice Perinatal Services (WCPS) is currently unable to accept new clients for Doula services, unless you are a repeat client or a community client referred through the non-profit organization. However, we are pleased to inform you that our Placenta Encapsulation service remains available for all clients.


Birth Doula Training

Business focused training that sets doulas up for success from the start. Culturally relevant centering the Black birthing community.


Placenta Encapsulation Training

learn how to create capsules, tinctures, and keepsakes, and more.

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