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Clients, Consults, Prenatals, Oh My!

So you're new here! Feel like you got into someone's car, uncertain of your destination, and then found yourself on the side of the road with no idea where to go next? Yeah! I know. This is the feeling many new doulas have after/during training. You've learned some techniques. You've read some books. Now, you're expected to offer your services to clients, but you have absolutely no idea what to do when a client is interested in your service. Sound familiar? Keep reading. I have some amazing offerings that are filled with the information you need, at prices that are easy on the pockets. These offerings have been proven to help new birth workers on their journey. I use all of these tips with my mentees, and they rave about these resources.

Marketing can be an intimidating task. Where do you begin? Check out my Marketing Your Birth Biz Video.

Now that you're marketing yourself, you need to make sure you're prepared to start accepting clients. You need to have a contract! Your contract is the foundation of your business. Without one, you have nothing to offer. Need help building a contract? Check out some tips in my Contract Building for Birth Professionals Mini Course.

Once your contract is ready, you should consider having a layout for conducting consultations and prenatal visits. This is an area where so many new doulas find themselves feeling stuck. Consider investing in my

As a thank you for reading, you can save $5 on the guide by using the code "Guide" at checkout.

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